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Letter 97: Two Weeks Left

August 5, 2015

I’m not quite sure how this email’s going to go, but we’ll give it a shot.

I’ve got two weeks left. I’ll admit. It’s hard. Waking up every day and thinking, ‘oh, 16 days from now I’ll be at home. I’ll be able to wake up whenever I want. I’ll be able to listen to music. I’ll be able to wear normal clothes. I’ll be able to do this that and the other thing.’ It’s really hard. Then I pound through the day, and the next day I wake up, look at the clock, take today’s date, subtract it from 18, and say, “15 days from now I’ll be able to do all these things.”

This wears on a person. I’m gonna be honest. I’m tired. But that’s the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re humans. We’re weak. We think, ‘Oh, I think I should talk to that person about the gospel, ahh nah, they look kinda busy.’ But God strengthens us. He puts us in situations where we will be our best. I’m teaching and making more contacts these last few weeks than any other time on my mission. All thanks to my companion.

President Gomes was inspired when he put me with Elder Melo to train for the third time in a row. God knew that I’d get tired, so I needed someone that’d kick my butt to finish off. He’s helping me a lot. I’m very thankful for him and all of the challenges these last transfers. The mission’s not easy. No way. But it’s worth it. The experiences I’ve gained on the mission far outweigh what I could have gotten at home. I will thank my Heavenly Father every day for these two years, which really truly have been ‘The Best Two Years.’

Talk to you all next week!

Elder Connor Weeks
Me and my iguana friend

Me and my iguana friend

The district

The district

Our chapel's broken (it's being remodeled)

Our chapel’s broken (it’s being remodeled)


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